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New söng - 19.05.23


Founded in 2001 SEKTOR 7 changed the game on the Crossover / Nu Metal playground. Integration of a DJ has been something spectacular back in the days. After nearly 7 years of massive touring and releases of 3 EPs and one album the band quit. 2019 was the year SEKTOR 7 started all over. Only guitar and bass kept the same. The sound changed and closes the gap between Crossover, Nu-Metal, Alternative and a bit of Black Metal. 



What is a Söng?


A söng is definitely not just a song. It’s a message, a statement, a ritual psalm, a mystic chant – Music is just one of the tools used to spread the word and to influence as many people as possible. Born under different influences, circumstances and ingrediencies, the söng mainly reflects the different ticks and characteristics of the individual band members.


The Söng is also an indispensable weapon to achieve world domination. 


As we descibed in our "söng definition" part already, videos are a necessary part on the way to the top of...let your imagination work and let our visuals dig deep into your brain. This will create - sooner than later - the overwhelming SÖNG effect and supports you in becoming the better you.


In reality we are way more dashing and glamourous - call us pure STYLERZ - as we show off in our photos. Star photographer Kurt wanted us to be presented a bit more natural and "more down to earth", otherwise it would be too kitschy for the world she/he said. Only the colorful man with the staring eyes and the microphone (on stage) is captured as you might catch him in nature.

Sektor7 Hintergrund Konzert
20.07.2023 - Headliner

Woodrock Festival
Bludenz (AT)
Sektor7 Hintergrund Konzert
15.06.2023 - supporting Jinjer
Conrad Sohm

Dornbirn (AT)
Sektor7 Hintergrund Konzert
02.06.2023 - 20:00

Ravensburg (DE)


Daniel Dobler

Tel.: +43 (0) 699 199 570 73

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